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ClickAccounts has invested in robust, secure and scalable infrastructure facilities. It has built a highly integrated web based application system to provide outsourcing services to support the processing and managing of customers' financial and accounting data. Our overall hardware, software, processes and people environment is built to safeguard your data with security, quality and reliability as the main objectives.



ClickAccounts has multiple Cisco Firewalls and Cisco routers in our facilities in California and Bangalore, India. We use dedicated Virtual Private Network (VPN) between the 2 facilities. We provide online Disaster Recovery for customer data by having data stored in both of the facilities and a third backup copy of QuickBooks®, PeachTree, SAGE, MyOB and other accounting packages with the customer. NetSuite provides their own hosting. Our state  of the art BPO processing facility in Bangalore is a Bonded Export 10,000 sf facility. There is physical security with private guard at the gates 24x7. It has a large Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) for a backup of the total environment for a minimum of 2 hours. Our servers include local UPS also. Our servers configurations have mirror discs and Raid implementation. Our facilities are built to provide our people, our customers and our partners the benefits of the best resources and excellent computing and communication facilities. They are designed and implemented keeping the security and quality processing of customers data as the main objective. All communication is scanned for viruses on the uploading and downloading at the server and desktop level. The software and hardware environment is built taking into account the security and confidentiality of your data. Our environment does not permit any removable media or printing for security reasons. We use encryption for data transfer between customer and our site in California and a secure dedicated VPN between our site in California and Bangalore. We perform extensive background checks on all our employees. Our systems have no removable media and no printing capabilities; email is restricted only to customers; staff have no open internet access; in addition to no paper and pencil/pen at any desk.


ClickAccounts uses the Web and the Internet for the communication with customers and   a dedicated VPN between the 2 facilities. We communicate with our customers via: Private and secure chat, email and phone. Internet connections:

1.5 Mbps 6Mbps / 384 ADSL
512 & 1Mbps DSL
Voice Over IP

ClickAccounts has a completely switched LAN network configured under mesh topology   for redundancy. All desktops are connected to servers at 100 Mbps.


ClickAccounts uses standard accounting software such as QuickBooks®, PeachTree, NetSuite, SAGE, MyOB and other accounting packages to allow our customers to have full control of their data. We have built a state of the art Web Solution  by integrating extensively QuickBooks with our in-house document management system which provides an on-line storage/retrieval system for all the customer accounting related documents, an audit trail of upload/download documents (who, when, what), an audit trail  of customers approval of transactions and an audit trail of communication with customers. Our processes are automated and standardized allowing for customization for each customer environment and type of business. We integrate with all major Shopping Cart software used by our customers. We believe in customer having full control of their data with no strings attached. Our customers stay with us because we offer superior quality services at cost effective prices and not because they are afraid that their data will not be compatible with standard off the shelf applications. We can offer solutions with other accounting packages such as Oracle Financials also.


ClickAccounts services include a dedicated and secure private portal for each customer.  All the communication between customer and ClickAccounts can be done thru the easy to use dedicated portal. We use 128-bit SSL Encryption for all communication and exchange of documents thru the portal. The portal includes a private and secure chat and VOIP  phone communication. Customers will be assigned an e-mail account for less sensitive communication and a fax number on our fax server.


ClickAccounts believe in having an educated, well trained and competent team. We  employ only college graduates with experience and we provide extensive training on our application. There are 3 levels of supervision for your data. We can provide cost effective prices because of our high level of automation and economies of scale and not because  we hire lower level, less qualified personnel. The integrity and security of your data and quality of our services are critical components of our core values.


ClickAccounts team can import and migrate your old data from most types of applications.

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