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Filing of records systematically is as important as entering them.

It is often noticed that due to human error or lapse of memory, individuals are not able to locate records once they are filed during routine work.

To overcome this problem, ClickAccounts files each document (scanned copy) in an online and secure database storage facility, the DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.

A customer can search via the web any filed documents in the Document Management System or track via the transaction (document) id. The document is linked to the QuickBooks®, PeachTree, NetSuite, SAGE, MyOB and other accounting packages transaction via this document id. Our online, secure web based document management system is easy. You can search, view via the web, and file any type of document, such as contracts, invoices, receipts, pictures. This enables the organization to search and download any document at any point of time. An immaculate filing system and the provision of search and download reduces the chances of confronting a crisis situation. Audits or request for copies of documents can be easily displayed and printed or forwarded on line to anyone you need.





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