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We at ClickAccounts believe that the most crucial task of any organization is to maintain its financial records in perfect order. Filing of timely taxes, making crucial business decisions and assessment of company status are some of the reasons that make bookkeeping important.

We enter all your transactions in QuickBooks®, PeachTree, NetSuite, SAGE, MyOB and other accounting packages. We link  your transactions automatically with all your paper and digital files.

We interface with most of the shopping cart applications or service providers and most banks and credit cards. We can import your data directly into most of the accounting packages for reconciliation, invoicing or payment processing.

You can view, approve, download, upload and report your records via your secure portal anytime. You have full control of your data with our easy approval system.

Not often does the management realize that the time spent towards this crucial function can be spent on areas of core competence to best utilize the organization's resources and increases profits. Doing so gives way to specialization and triggers a faster growth.

ClickAccounts focuses primarily on bookkeeping. Our aim is to be the bookkeepers for small and medium sized businesses. We are highly competent, efficient and cost effective.

The knowledge and experience of our Accountants and a team of trained and qualified individuals gives us the confidence to deliver over and over again.

Outsourcing this key function for ClickAccounts, we can help you derive maximum benefit from the resources and to attain higher standards of specialization in addition to cost reductions.


We can assist your CPA firm with your individual tax return preparation through our team of offshore qualified accountants and reduce yours costs without compromising quality.
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